Charter Fishing in Alaska Alaska Charter Fishing Guide

There are many Alaska Sport Fishing Charter Companies, but one has consistently out-shined the rest; Black Rock Charters fishing company is located in Gustavus, Alaska; 50 miles due west of the Alaska State Capitol, Juneau.

With Glacier Bay National Park as a backdrop and Icy Straits for your fishing grounds, you are in for a real fishing treat in Southeast Alaska. Black Rock Alaskan Sport Fishing Charters primarily fishes for fresh Alaskan Salmon and Halibut. It is not uncommon for fishermen of all levels to limit out before lunch.

To compliment the superb fishing and the beautiful scenery there is an abundance of Alaskan wildlife in the area. You can see Humpback whales, sea lions, killer whales, sea otters, bald eagles, porpoise, puffins, and even bears walking along the shores in search of food.

Deep Sea Fishing Alaska

Alaskan deep sea fishing is an experience that you will never forget. It is not just about catching fish, or seeing the elusive sea otter. Alaska deep sea fishing is about the entire experience, from the bald eagle swooping down to pull a salmon from the water, or watching a black bear walking along the shore. Seeing a mighty humpback whale breaching right off the bow of the boat, while you are charter deep sea fishing in Alaska off the back of the boat. You cannot compare deep sea fishing in Alaska with deep sea fishing anywhere else in the world. You loose yourself completely in the surrounding environment, which total welcomes you in for warmth and relaxation.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Throughout the season fresh Alaskan Salmon are available for catching. There are four primary varieties of Alaskan Salmon that we charter fish for, King, Silver, Sockeye, Pinks and Chums. Each of there names sound interesting, but the one people know the best is the Alaskan King Salmon. It seems every year people pay top dollar to have a restaurant to cook up someone else's fish, and then let you pay to eat it. Here at Black Rock Charters, what you catch today, can be on your dinner plate that night!

Primarily we troll when fishing for Alaskan Salmon, but we also spin cast for them when the fish are on the surface. There are also numerous rivers nearby that you can fish for Salmon. Click to learn more about the Alaskan Salmon Fishing Gear we use at Black Rock Charters.


Alaska Halibut Fishing Halibut Fishing Alaska

Whether you are relaxing at the Great Chinook Lodge enjoying the view, whale watching, or reeling in your fish of a lifetime, you will agree there is never a dull moment with Black Rock Charters, your fishing guide in Southeast Alaska.

According to a recent annual survey completed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Gustavus has the largest and most abundant halibut fishing in the state of Alaska. Coming in second to a commercial fleet of fisherman off the coast of the Aleutian chain. And while they may have a few more halibut, they also have frostbite, your choice. So, with the spectacular deep sea fishing in Alaska, phenomenal runs of salmon, amazing wildlife, an experienced crew of more than 25 years, and a view beyond belief, What are you waiting for? Contact Black Rock Charters in Gustavus to organize your next Alaskan fishing trip.

Alaska, “It’s what you’ve been looking for!”

Fishing in Alaska - Glacier Bay

Alaskan Salmon River FishingTypically your boat captain will ask you on the first day how much fish you want to take home with you. Their goal for the duration of the trip is to find the same quantity of fish for you in as short of a period as possible. Leaving you plenty of time for viewing Alaskan Wildlife, Whale Watching, or swimming in the ocean...just kidding.

Most Black Rock Charter Fishing Packages allow for 1 - 2 boxes of fish (50lbs each), included in the price. All the fish is vacuum sealed and frozen for the trip home. Additional boxes incur a packing fee and most airlines charge an additional shipping fee. Even still, your price per pound is well below what you can get in a local grocery store.

In the Spirit of Conservation! We encourage and participate in catch and release sport fishing especially with large Alaskan Halibut. Larger halibut over 100lbs are typically female, and can lay eggs several times per year. Let's ensure a few large Alaskan Halibut are left for generations to come by catching and releasing the larger fish.

Your Alaska Charter Fishing Guides look forward to your next Alaskan Fishing Adventure.

Lets Go Fishing!!!



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